Reception of the district executive committee

4 Lenina Street, Bragin, 247632


Main Economy


There are 21 state-run economic entities, 64 individual entrepreneurs without juridical person status, two branch offices of banks and two joint stock companies.

Some 5,205 employees work in all branches of economy in the region.

Ten months of 2005 witnessed industrial output worth of Br821 million, up by 18.6 per cent on a year ago with the forecast equaling to 10.5 per cent.

In 2005 the entrepreneurs of the region produced consumer goods worth of Br272 million, up by 17.2 per cent against the previous year.

Industrial companies report profits. As of November 1, 2005 the average wages in the region amounted to Br309 thousand.

Some 1,888 employees work in the agricultural sector of the Bragin region.

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